President Deng-Maw Lu of STUST was named the "Outstanding Alumnus" of the Tenth-Year graduates of Chiayi High School and invited to the 97th Anniversary Award Ceremony of the high school.

National Chiayi High School held the 97th Anniversary Celebration and Recognition of Outstanding Alumni Conference on April 17. President Deng-Maw Lu of STUST was invited to participate in the celebration of his alma mater at Chiayi High School and awarded the "Outstanding Alumnus" of the Tenth-Year graduates for being a great model for all the students of the high school. The award was presented by Principal Yong-Tang Liu of National Chiayi High School before the presence of many important figures.


[President Deng-Maw Lu of STUST was awarded the "Outstanding Alumnus" of the Tenth-Year graduates for being a great model for all the students of the high school. The award was presented by Principal Yong-Tang Liu of National Chiayi High School.]

President Deng-Maw Lu of STUST graduated from the National Chiayi High School in 1964 and taught at STUST in 1974. President Deng-Maw Lu has worked as a lecturer, associate professor, full professor; he has served as the director of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, the Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Technology in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, STUST Nano Technology Center before he became Dean of the School of Engineering, Vice President of Academics, Vice President of Administration. He was once listed in the World Who's Who in the United States, winning the Ministry of Science and Technology Class A Research Award, the Pittsburgh International Invention Silver Medal, and the Swiss Geneva International Invention Exhibition Silver Medal. In 2018, he was selected as President of STUST. President Lu's rich teaching and administrative experience made his promotion of STUST seamlessly integrated, and he was elected by Cheers Magazine "Mutual Evaluation of 151 University Presidents in the Country." In the ranking of “Universities with Significant Growth and Progress in Running Schools”, 138 of them gave a thumbs up to President Deng-Maw Lu, making him the only president from private universities to win the award.

Thanks to the support of the Board of Directors of STUST and the foundation the former presidents had built up for STUST in running the university, President Lu has formed a team of teachers who interact well with students and can stimulate students' curiosity, so that all students can lay down solid basic skills in school and improve their competitiveness in the workplace. This has also allowed STUST to be awarded the title of "Enterprise's Favorite College" by Cheers Magazine for ten times, and has cultivated more talents that enterprises love to use. In addition, President Lu has continued to actively introduce industries, establishing key industry-university core technologies for smart machinery, biotechnology and medical care, green energy technology, circular economy, semiconductors, AI, and smart finance, and providing cross-departmental integrated resources. In addition, through cross-school cooperation to jointly assist in the upgrading and growth of the industry, students can find employment and entrepreneurship after graduation.

President Deng-Maw Lu said that the high school’s motto "Quality and Vigorousness" will have a considerable impact on future studies and dealing with others in the world. It also complements the school motto of STUST—"Faithfulness and Honesty"—and in turn is complemented by STUST’s motto. This kind of scientific spirit of seeking truth from facts is an important connotation of running schools in technical and vocational colleges and universities. Therefore, in the promotion of the school affairs of STUST, we have implemented this scientific spirit, overcome all difficulties, strengthened our strength, committed to creating a high-quality research and learning environment for teachers and students, and actively promoted teaching research, industry-university cooperation, etc. Together with these important jobs, President Lu has been worked closely with the board of directors to draw up the blueprint for the sustainable development of STUST, so that STUST can continue to contribute to technical and vocational education. He expected Chiayi High School to uphold its good traditions, continue to carry forward the spirit of the school motto, make the high school the pride of everyone, and let us become the pride of Chiayi High School after graduation.