Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Kokugakuin University and Kogakkan University in Japan jointly organized a grand opening for the "Chinese Learning Summer Camp.” This year a total of 13 students came to participate in the four-week program and experience the culture of Taiwan.
"International Human Resources Exchange"—a forum on new issues concerning Asia-Pacific human resources and new visions of southward development jointly organized by South Taiwan University of Science and Technology (STUST), Tainan City Government Office, and Chinese Human Resources Management Association—was held at the International Conference Hall of STUST recently. Participating enterprises and companies included TSMC...
In order to reduce the gap between schoolwork and employment, the Ministry of Labor has been promoting the "College Employment Subsidy Program," trying to introduce teachers from industries into the academic sphere and arranging students to experience workplace environment. Through the cooperation between colleges and industries, it is hoped that students can make improvement by increasing their practical experience and professional knowledge...
Technical Division of the Ministry of Education has promoted teaching excellence program for 10 consecutive years since 2006, to optimize the quality of teaching and create school characteristics in technical colleges and universities. To showcase the achievements of these schools over the past ten years, the Ministry held the exhibition on August 26 and 27 on the 13th floor at Tainan Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Department Store the exhibition.
Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology attended the 2017 College Graduate Entrepreneurship Program" organized by the Youth Development Department of the Ministry of Education. From a list of 315 teams, six STUST start-up teams received subsidies for the first phase, with a total purse of NT$ 3 million. Having the largest number of cases in the country, South Taiwan University of Science and Technology...
Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology has worked in the Southeast Asian countries for five consecutive years, sending interns to Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand and other countries. In response to the new policy of the government, this year, Vietnamese overseas internship training classes and Vietnamese businessmen visiting group have been set up.