Campus Safety Awareness Instructions

2021/3/3 ~ 2021/4/3
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The concept of self-protection in recent major criminal cases in neighboring university.

A recent criminal case took place in a neighboring university. To prevent major school safety incidents on campus; I hereby appeal to all teachers and students (please advise students-especially foreign students) to report to the school Campus Security Center (CSC) in case of the above situation and ensure their own safety and call CSC at 06-3010000 or the police to assist in the process. Be aware of the following self-protection concepts:

1. In order to strengthen teachers and students' safety awareness and the concept of victimization prevention, and strengthen their ability to respond to accidents and emergency help skills, the precautions are as follows:
(1) Remind colleagues/students not to arrive at school too early for work (study) alone, do not leave campus too late after get off work (or school), and be sure to be accompanied by family members, friends or classmates as much as possible, and never go through dark alleys or get in and out of dangerous and remote places.
(2) Colleagues (students) should cooperate with the school's work and office hours, try to avoid staying alone in the office (or classroom) during work (or after class), do not go to the toilet alone, avoid alone in the remote blind spots of the campus, and ensure your own safety.

(3) Teachers and students who stay in school after work (or after class), if they encounter strangers or suspicious people or things, they should immediately notify the nearby teachers or colleagues of the school Campus Security Center at 06-3010000.

(4) When a stranger asks for directions, you can be enthusiastic about it, but you do not need to personally guide him. You should always pay attention to your own safety, and do not listen to others' requests such as paying money or leave school with them.

(5) When colleagues of teachers and students find strangers stalking, harassing, or possibly detrimental to you outside the school, you should quickly go to a place with a large number of people or the nearest caring (convenience) store nearby, shout loudly to attract other people’s attention, In order to seek assistance, and without affecting their own safety, they should escape the scene as soon as possible or go to areas with police surveillance systems (such as school security guard booths, supermarkets, dormitory gates, etc.) to facilitate subsequent investigations. Making sure you are in a safe situation, you should immediately call the school CSC at 06-3010000 or the police for assistance.

2. If there are disputes or conflicts between colleagues or students due to trivial matters, please remember to stay calm first. Never let angry emotions affect your behavior. Don't lose control of your impulse and get your life out of control and cause lifelong regrets, remember to give yourself and the other party a buffer of time and space for thinking. For example, you can go to the CSC next to L102 or the Counseling at F202 for assistance, and let the school’s professional counseling counselor assist you solve the problem.

3. The school CSC staff on duty (instructors, school safety and security guards) will continue to control entrance security, and regularly and irregularly carry out patrols and inspections on campus and surrounding environmental hot spots. We ask all staff and faculty to assist in dealing with suspicious persons, In addition to raising awareness of incidents and objects, contact the school CSC at 06-3010000 or the police station should be notified as soon as possible to prevent campus safety incidents.

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