The College of Digital Design, STUST, showed its best strength, winning 2 Judges’ Selection Awards and 10 Selection Awards in the Three-Dimensional Modeling and Product Design Category, Digital Multimedia and Game Design Category of the 2022 Youth Design Festival, achieving fruitful results.
Global Vision Magazine published the latest rankings of its 2022 "Enterprises’ Most Favorite College Students” Survey, with STUST ranked top in “Engineering Group” and "Information Group" and won the second place in “Business Management Group” among all the private universities of science and technology with its outstanding performance.
The results of the 2022 National College Games (referred to as the Universidad) were announced a few days ago. STUST won a total of 13 medals, including 2 golds, 1 silver, and 2 bronzes.
The Southern Division Competition of the 52nd National Skills Competition, hosted by the Workforce Development Agency of the Ministry of Labor, announced the competition results a few days ago.
The athletic cheerleaders of STUST recently participated in the 110 Academic Year Cheerleaders Championship of the Republic of China for Colleges and Universities, held by the Sports Federation of Colleges and Universities of the Republic of China in Banshu Gymnasium, New Taipei City
The STUST USR Hub seed project of Improving the Academic and Technological Literacy of Students in Disadvantaged and Remote Rural Areas offered the Teacher Training Center a service learning course—"Bluetooth Animal Headgear Technology