Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology recently participated in the 2018 National College Games and won 1 silver medal and 2 bronze medals.
The Creative Design Competition of 2018 Youth Design Festival was held at the Live Warehouse of the C10 Warehouse in the Second Art District of Kaohsiung on May 6. The creative team of the College of Digital Design, Southern Taiwan University of Technology, outshone many competitors across the country. The Department of Visual Communication Design won the gold medal of "Visual Communication Design," ...
In response to the government’s promotion of its new southbound policy, Mr. Ir Hari Purwanto, Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia, led a delegation of 16 people to Taiwan to visit the technical and vocational universities in Taiwan to understand the system and characteristics of universities of science and technology...
Congratulations! Ministry of Education approved Prof. Deng-Maw Lu as the fourth president of Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology.
National Center for Indigenous Peoples of Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, in cooperation with the Yushan Association Indigenous People Care Association of Tainan City, has recently held the annual “Atayal Thanksgiving Cultural Festival” on its campus. In the activity, the Cultural Promotion Student Club also arranged a camp for weaving experience and bracelet weaving...
The Department of Popular Music Industry of Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology held a music camp in the Tainan Cultural and Creative Industry Park for two days in a row. It invited Taiwan’s premier fusion jazz band “Timeless Fusion Party” to bring different views of creating pop music to students and people who have aspiration for pop music.