Distance Learning Guideline for New Students (2021)

2021/8/30 ~ 2021/9/6
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=Important Dates=
Distance Learning Drill: 2021/8/30~9/5
School Start Date: 2021/9/6
Conduction of Distance Learning: 2021/9/6~9/21
※Class mode on and after September 22 will be adjusted on a rolling basis in accordance with the epidemic situation. Please pay attention to the latest announcement.

🔸The lecture start date is September 6. 2021 in accordance with STUST academic calendar for the first semester of academic year of 2021. From September 6 to September 21, STUST will maintain distance learning to comply with the government's epidemic prevention measures and to ensure uninterrupted learning as the epidemic alert level remains at Level 2 from August 24 to September 6. On and after September 22, the class mode will be adjusted on a rolling basis according to the epidemic situation. Please pay attention to the latest announcement on the University homepage.

🔸 From August 30 to September 5, distance learning drill will be conducted for new students (including graduate school students, freshmen, transfer students) entering in the academic year of 2021 to ensure that they could be familiar with the operation of the University’s teaching systems and adapt to distance learning smoothly. Please refer to the attachment for an overview of the instruction of the drill, course selection, and the operation of the teaching systems.

🔸New students are required to activate their STUST Gmail and reset their password which will be used to access all the STUST teaching systems.
STUST Gmail Activation Link: https://webap.stust.edu.tw/pwd/enablepwd.aspx

🔸New students are required to check their STUST Gmail often or at least once a week to avoid missing any important notifications sent from various offices in STUST.