【Wanted】English Conversation Host/Hostess

2022/8/29 ~ 2022/9/14
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Dear Foreign graduate students of STUST,

If you are interested in working as an English conversation host/hostess, welcome to join us.

Job details:
1. Practicing English conversation with local students. (與本籍生英語會話練習)
2. Working two hours a day, two days a week (每週工作2天,每天2小時)
3. NT$ 170 per hour, pay by the month. (時薪新台幣170元,每月給付)
4. Job staring from October, 2022. (從2022年10月份開始)

1. Foreign graduate students of STUST only. (限南臺科大外籍研究生)
2. Patience, good at English speaking and communication. (有耐心, 同時具備良好的英語口說能力與溝通技巧)

If you are interested in this job,
1. Print the application form (see the attachment), come at the following time and place to have a group interview:
Time/Date: 14:30, Wednesday, 14th September, 2022. (must on time) (日期/時間:2022/9/14,14:30)
Location: S212, Self-Access Foreign Language Learning Center. (地點:S212外語自學中心)
2. Mark a reservation for the interview before 13th September 2022, https://reurl.cc/jGlO01

Person in Charge: Jason Hsu. (聯絡人:Jason)