STUST men's basketball team participated in the UBA college basketball league of the 109th Academic Year and won the runner-up in the General Men's Group.

The men’s basketball team of STUST went to Tamkang University to participate in the four-day UBA Basketball League of the 109 Academic Year from March 28 to 31. It stood out from 101 schools and won the runner-up of National College Men’s Group with their brilliant performance.


[STUST Men’s Basketball Team took a group photo with their coach Hui-Rong Fu.]

The men’s basketball team of STUST often spend their spare time and holidays staying in school for training. They also regularly go to the gym at noon to train their physical fitness. Under the guidance of their coach Hui-Rong Fu of the Physicl Education Center, the basketball school team has demonstrated a great understanding of unity, mutual assistance, and team cooperation. The team members have demonstrated their unremitting training results over this past year. They won the runner-up in the National College Men's Group in a tight schedule, standing out of those strong enemies over the consecutive days. The good results were rewarding, and the teachers and students of STUST shared this honor.


[STUSTMen’s Basketball Team participated in the UBA College Basketball League of the 109 Academic Year and won the runner-up in the General Men’s Group. ]

Most of the male basketball team members of STUST participated in the "New Students Cup Three-on-Three Basketball Bullfighting," "Interdepartmental Cup Basketball," or the school team recruitment and selection. Coach Hui-Rong Fu and senior players selected the new members from the training group. Under the guidance of the coach, they were slowly trained from basic movements and physical stamina to learn various skills. The players have also built up a tacit understanding of mutual assistance and cooperation and revolutionary emotions during the arduous training process. This was the reason why they could win the runner-up together. The players also expect that they can practice harder and look forward to getting better results in the next championship.


[STUST Coach Hui-Rong Fu was instructing the men's basketball team in the UBA College Basketball League of the 109th Academic Year. ]

Coach Hui-Rong Fu said that the men’s basketball team was able to stand out in such a fiercely competitive schedule and won the runner-up in the college basketball league, thanks to the players’ own efforts and the support from the Physical Education Center for its administrative assistance. Special thanks should be given to President Deng-Maw Lu for his support to sports competitions and his efforts in the reconstruction of the school’s rainy-day stadium, which gives players good sports venues to practice. Without all the support and encouragement from the entire universtiy, the team would not have won the honor.

Director Rong-Yu Su of the Physical Education Center said that athletes can gain experience and break through through competitions. They are the most precious assets for the participants. He hopes that the players can gain valualbe experiences in every future competition. He is confident that the players have obtained the concept of "doing sports for a lifetime." He is also grateful to the school for providing a live broadcast of the game on the TV wall on the day of the finals. All the teachers and students could watch the game together and cheered for the players on the court, adding sports atmosphere and vitality to the campus.