STUST signed a memorandum of cooperation with Tainan City and Chiayi Veteran Service Office.

STUST signed a memorandum of cooperation with Tainan City Veteran Service Office and Chiayi Veteran Service Office on May 6 to provide retired officers and soldiers with advanced professional skills and knowledge, jointly cultivating national talents to achieve a four-win situation. The counseling meeting is for improvement for retired officers and soldiers to have opportunities for further education. Following their visit to STUST last month, the offices have hoped to implement multiple education channels to help retired officers and soldiers in the two cities to go to school to enhance their future competitiveness.


[A group photo of the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between STUST, Tainan City Veteran Service Office and Chiayi Veteran Service Office.]

STUST has excellent academic performances and has won the honor of Cheers Magazine’s corporate favorite college student over 10 times. Global View Magazine ranked STUST as the seventh in Taiwan’s best universities in 2020. It is the only private university in the humanities and business university category, surpassing many national universities. It was ranked ninth in the semiconductor industry’s favorite invitations given by 104 Manpower Bank’s "Top Universities for Corporate Invitation Interviews in 2020." As for process planning personnel, STUST was ranked third. All these show that STUST has won the favor and attention of institutions and enterprises at all levels as a result of the efforts of all teachers and students.


[The signing of a memorandum of cooperation among President Deng-Maw Lu of STUST, Director Guo-Neng Wang of Tainan City Veteran Service Office, and Director Yu-Lin Guo of Chiayi Veteran Service Office]

In addition, the STUST puts great emphasis on "Cultivation of Talents," "Benefiting the Society and Building the Country" as its founding philosophy, with educational contents focused on "equal emphasis on academics and technology." STUST has been committed to the software and hardware of the school over the past two years, trying to innovate physical facilities, create a talent cultivation base where each student’s expertise can be developed appropriately, and bring educational resources to each student, so that students’ ability to learn professional knowledge can be fully established. The expected results will continue to strengthen students' Research and Development, increase their innovation and international mobility capabilities, and expand their talents after taking office. This will have a long-term effect on the country's social and economic development and personal achievements.


[The signing of a memorandum of cooperation among STUST, Tainan City Veteran Service Department, and Chiayi Veteran Service Office]

President Deng-Maw Lu of STUST said that through long-term cooperation with the National Retirement Association, high-quality retired officers and soldiers can be improved and quickly integrated into the society to become a solid foundation for national productivity. As we all look forward to the future and do work based on the concept of co-creation, we can create higher values in the future. It is hoped that the two veteran service offices of Tainan City and Chiayi City will cooperate more closely with STUST, so that retired officers and soldiers can acquire skills and have good academic qualifications, while enterprises can also obtain good talents to achieve a win-win situation.