2021 Industry-University Exchange Conference for STUST and Tainan Yizai Association

STUST and Tainan Yizai Conference jointly held an industry-university exchange activity recently. With President Deng-Maw Lu taking the lead, Vice President Ming-Tsai Lai of Academic Affairs, R&D Director Rui-Shing Chang of Research Development and Industry-University Cooperation Office, Academic Dean Hua-Cheng Chang of Student Affairs Office, Dean Zhen-Chian Wang of the College of Engineering, Dean De-Guang Chou of the College of Business and Management, Deputy Dean Chong-Gen Hong of the College of Business and Management, Professor Wan-Rong Chang of the Department of Electronic Engineering, Associate Professor Kun Ouyang of the Department of Innovative Product Design, Assistant Professor Ming-Jia Shu of the Department of Leisure Business Management, and other school supervisors and teachers were present, in the hope that the industry-academy exchange activities between the two parties. STUST and Tainan Yizai Association will have more opportunities for cooperation in industry-academic research and development, industrial talent cultivation, and corporate internships in the future.


[President Deng-Maw Lu of STUST (right) was presenting a group photo as a souvenir gift to President Jie-Lin Zhong (left) of Tainan Yizai Association.]

Yizai Association was organized by the main representatives and professionals of listed and quasi-listed companies in Tainan. It has entered its 19th year since its establishment. It was initiated by Chairman Yong-Feng Wu of Dongyang Business Group and Chairman Jun-Yi Wu of Dayi Enterprise Group in March 2003. It is the most iconic business organization in Tainan, with a total market value exceeding NT$ 540 billion and a total output value reaching nearly trillion NT dollars. It plays an important role in promoting the development of Tainan's industry. The exchange was led by Jie-Lin Zhong (also Chairman of Hongjiateng Power Technology Co., Ltd.), the current nineteenth president of Tainan Yizai Association, with nearly 80 members to STUST for exchange activities.


[A group photo of the chief officials and Tainan Yizai Association members]

STUST is self-positioned as the "University of Science and Technology to be the Best International and Industrial Partner," providing a cooperation model that meets the needs of enterprises and industrial technology. Through visiting such R&D centers as the "Smart Networking Application Technology R&D Center" and "Design Innovation and Simulation Experiments." Tainan Yizai Association has a high degree of interest in talent cultivation, employment counseling, technology research and development, and other topics, looking forward to cooperating with Tainan Yizai Association in industry, academia, technology, and student internships, linking industry research and development with talent cultivation, strengthening the combination of theory and practice, and creating a win-win situation of industry-university cooperation, in which students can be employed after graduation and talented can be trained to meet the need pf enterprises.


[Tainan Yizai Association visited the Design Innovation and Simulation Laboratory of STUST.]

Chairman Jie-Lin Chung said that Yizai is a local enterprise in Tainan with an inseparable relationship with STUST. Through this exchange activity, he hoped to make further progress in industrial R&D and technology development, introduction of E-system into enterprise, and talent cultivation, thereby increasing cooperation opportunities to enhance the positive cycle of industry-university cooperation in the application of industrial technology innovation and talent cultivation.


[Members of Tainan Yizai Association were visiting the Smart Networking Application Technology R&D Center of STUST.]

President Deng-Maw Lu of STUST said that, hundreds of millions of NT dollars in recent years have invested in upgrading the university’s software and hardware facilities. The all-round education method and industry-university performance have been affirmed by all walks of life. The students cultivated are even more popular with business owners. There are outstanding achievements in academic cooperation, international talent cultivation, and innovative teaching. It also emphasizes that the idea "teachers and students go out, and companies bring in" is a necessary effort in the future. In the future, STUST will continue to let all companies see that STUST has achieved fruitful results and look forward to cooperating with Tainan Yizai Association in developing more new industry-university research and development and professional technical cooperation opportunities.