STUST is playing a key role in cultivating talents to work in the field of semiconductor manufacturing.

STUST has been successful working on semiconductor research. President Deng-Maw Lu was recently invited to unveil the School of Smart Semiconductor and Sustainable Manufacturing at National Cheng Kung University, together with President Ing-Wen Tsai and other distinguished guests from industries, governments and the academia, to jointly cultivate talents in semiconductor manufacturing for the future demand of industry.


[The inauguration ceremony of the School of Smart Semiconductor and Sustainable Manufacturing at National Cheng Kung University invited President Ing-Wen Tsai (middle) and distinguished guests from industries, governments and the academia to celebrate the grand opening. President Deng-Maw Lu of STUST (fourth from right) was also invited. ]

The "Regulations on Industry-University Cooperation and Talent Cultivation and Innovation in National Key Areas" were passed by the Legislation Yuan. Four universities—including National Yangming-Jiaotong University, National Tsing Hua University, National Cheng Kung University, and National Taiwan University— established the School of Science and Technology. National Cheng Kong University established the School of Smart Semiconductor and Sustainable Manufacturing, working together with STUST for its advantages and courses related to software and hardware for semiconductor manufacturing. The goal is to cultivate talents for the semiconductor industry.


[STUST advanced from the 9th to the 3rd in the “Semiconductor Industry’s Favorite Universities” Ranking of “Enterprises’ Favorite Universities Based on the Number of Graduates or Veterans Invited to Job Interviews” released by 104 Manpower Bank.]

STUST has always been committed to cultivating ready-to-use talents for enterprises. It has had excellent performances in the Best University Rankings released by Global Vision Magazine and the Ranking of Enterprises’ Favorite University Students released by Cheers Magazine. In the ranking of “Semiconductor Industry’s Favorite Universities,” STUST has jumped from the ninth to the third last year. It has been working hard on teaching innovation for many years, with its curriculum planning and research and development integrated with those of Tainan Science Park. A number of graduates are working in Tainan Science Park, with a great proportion of them working as process engineers or equipment engineers in such companies as TSMC, Taiwan Motech, Nanya Technology, Everlight Electronics, ASE Semiconductor and UMC.


[STUST is working with the Ministry of Labor to implement the pilot program for the new pioneers in the industry, helping students understand the engineering technology related to the semiconductor industry. It has received great acclaim for its performance. ]

本校為擴大培育光電半導體人才,更配合勞動In order to extend the cultivation of optoelectronic semiconductor talents, STUST has also cooperated with the Ministry of Labor to implement the new industry pioneer pilot program, and set up process practical training courses on semiconductor manufacturing to let students understand the semiconductor industry and develop their skills in related engineering and technology. With its great performance, STUST has been broadly praised by the industry.

本校資源與人力的積極投入,師生相關領域競STUST has actively invested its resources and workforce in competitions for teachers and students, and eventually it has shown outstanding performances. At the 2021 Taiwan Innovation Technology Expo, STUST won 2 golds, 3 silvers, and 2 bronzes. In the 2021 Smart Chip System Application Innovation Special Implementation Competition, held by the Ministry of Education, STUT won the gold of the Module Maker Group. Moreover, STUST won the silver of the Application Category and the Best Creativity Award of the Application Category in the 21st Macronix Golden Silicon Award Competition.


[STUST team (from left to right) Jie Shih, a graduate student from the Department of Electrical Engineering; Assistant Professor Jin-Bo Shih; another graduate student Ming-Jun Ke; and alumnus Yu-Cheng Huang, won the silver award and the Best Creativity Award of the Application Group.]


[The Department of Optoelectronic Engineering, STUST, won the first place in the Solar Optoelectronics Innovation Design and Application Competition held in the 2020 Taiwan International Smart Energy Week.]

President Deng-Maw Lu said that the development of the semiconductor industry is closely related to the world economy. Our country has possessed the advanced technology of the semiconductor industry, so we have an international social responsibility for the development of the world. Providing the semiconductor industry with abundant talents is an urgent and important matter for universities. In the future, STUST will further cooperate with Cheng Kung University, offer courses in semiconductor process technology, and cultivate technical talents at all levels for the industry. STUST hopes to gather energy from all the public—especially from the government and the academia—so that the entire industry can develop to a higher level. STUST sincerely welcomes young students who are interested in semiconductors to study at STUST and contribute their efforts to the development of the semiconductor industry.