The STUST AIOT Smart Networking Application Technology R&D Center won the Excellent Performance Award of the 2021 AI + New Talent Contest, with its capacity of providing assistance to the update of the AI industry.

The contest allowed different platforms to find their partners, promoted cooperation between AI R&D centers of colleges and universities and companies with AI technology and strength to deploy AI and marginal computing products, and facilitated the development of artificial intelligence technologies and applications that meet the demand of the market. It hoped to produce more innovative and value-added products or services that integrate together software and hardware. It shall lead Taiwan to the international arenas with diversified applications of artificial intelligence.


[Director Wan-Rong Chang of the STUST AIOT Smart Networking Application Technology R&D Center, the Department of Electronic Engineering, came to the stage to receive the award: (From left to right) Director Zheng-Hua Lu of the Bureau of Industry, Director Wan-Rong Chang, and Chairman Wen-Long Liang of Jorjin Tech Co., Ltd.]

Professor Wan-Rong Chang, Director of the STUST AIOT Smart Network Application Technology R&D Center, the Department of Electronic Engineering, instructed his students—Hong-Wen Chen, Bo-Heng Wen, Pei-Yi Wu, and Shen-Hong Zheng, while Associate Professor Kun Ouyang of the Department of Innovative Product Design instructed his students Yu-Shan Ding and Yi-Ting Li. They formed a problem-solving team targeting on the Jorjin Tech’s requirement for its "smart glasses to be used in long-term inspections and remote consultations," and won the Excellence Performance Award and a total of 400,000 NTD as its prize money.


[The AR smart glasses artificial intelligence nursing cart, jointly developed by STUST and Jorjin Tech Co., Ltd, was used in Gangshan Veterans' Home.]

The solution proposed by the STUST team uses AR smart glasses provided by Jorjin Co., Ltd. for its problem-solving research and development, including two functions of long-term inspection and remote consultation. In terms of long-term senior care, it includes AI face recognition in the long-term inspection Patient medical data, barcode scanning to obtain patient administration data, AI drug identification and review drugs, etc. As for remote consultation, it uses AR smart glasses to obtain the patient’s first-view images and provide doctor-related remote diagnosis, which is now already used in Okayama Veterans House.


[STUST AIoT Smart Networking Application R&D Center R&D team includes (from left to right) Shen-Hong Zheng, Pei-Yi Wu, Bo-Heng Wen, Hong-Wen Chen, and Professor Wan-Rong Chang.]

Professor Wan-Rong Chang said that the AIOT Smart Networking Application Technology R&D Center of STUST focuses on AI research and development and provides enterprise-related AI application technology services. In the future, intelligent and digital transformation of industrial development shall be imperative. It allows the school’s AI research and development energy to directly assist the industry in solving the problems it faces. It is not easy to cooperate with Jorjin Tech Co., Ltd. solving the problems and winning the prize. In addition to winning the award, it it also proves that its R&D capabilities can actually solve the problems faced by the industry, thereby accelerating the upgrading of Taiwan’s AI technology.

Deng-Maw Lu, President of STUST, said that STUST encourages teachers to use existing industrial research technologies to form R&D cooperation teams, share R&D resources with each other, and establish a technology R&D center. In addition to providing valuable equipment, STUST offers funds and space to the team. It is expected that the school's R&D energy will help companies break through their technological bottlenecks and achieve their goal of industrial upgrading. This contest helped the industry solve problems and won the award of excellence from the company, showing the technology research and development capabilities of STUST. In the future, it will continue to invest funds and resources and encourage the Technology Research Center to continue to interact closely with the industry and undertake more large-scale industry and education cooperation cases to solve the problems faced by enterprises.