Students from the Department of Information and Communication of STUST had make their first attempt to be YouTubers, broadcasting their work via public channels on New Year’s Day.


Students from the Evening Program of Department of the Information Communication Department of STUST used their creativity and produced programs, and put the video PO on the YouTube audio and video platform, trying to be a YouTuber. Because the content is interesting and innovative, it was natural that they could go online. A lot of click-through rates accumulated within a few hours, and even attracted the attention of the local cable TV station in Tainan. The three production teams were invited to broadcast their works on public channels, so that the students began to build self-confidence, hoping to broadcast on traditional channels and that their works can also be loved by the general public after it is released.


[STUST students' work "Ponyo’s Fantasic World" explores preferences and taboos from the perspective of pets]

The STUST students’ work "Ponyo's Fantastic World" uses the pet Ponyo’s heterochromatic pupils to view the world. The production team used the voice of Ponyo to inform the pet’s preferences and taboos. The first episode explores why pets explode as soon as they take a bath. The “shovel officer” (their master) couldn’t control the pet’s rage and struggle, so he had to find a pet groomer to help him. The dog who was originally afraid of taking a bath can complete all the procedures without resistance and find herself the enjoyment under the ingenious skills of the groomer. The highlight of the film is the scene where the master squeeze the pet’s anus. Yet, this scene may shock many people, so viewers must be mentally prepared before watching it.


[STUST students' work "Haoshiang Play Games" presents young people's courage to test with a game-type show]

The game-type show "Hao-shiang Play Games" was hosted by two students from the STUST, and four male students were recruited for a challenge. They drew a variety of crazy tests from the lottery. These testers must be cheeky and randomly find passers-by for various interactions. If they succeeded, they would get one point. The one who got the lowest score would be severely punished. The male student who originally challenged himself thought he had a fatal attraction. Unexpectedly, they were frequently rejected by the opposite sex; some went to male passers-by to interact with each other to accumulate points in order to win. In the end, the loser asked the other contestants to accept punishment with him lest he got embarrassed. The content of this film is very interesting and enters the competition, with true feelings revealed without any pretentiousness.


[A work of STUST students to introduce the exotic cuisines in Tainan]

In the third film, students from the STUST introduces Tainan’s exotic food programs. The first episode was mainly Japanese-style cuisine. The store found by the student production team was conceived from the exterior to the interior furnishings—let the diners feel like they were in Japan. The boss attached great importance to the freshness of the ingredients just like the Japanese. Every morning, he went to the fish market to purchase the best quality live seafood. Therefore, the student production team waited for him to show up and stayed up all day. Following the boss to purchase ingredients, the photographer was amazed by how finicky the boss was. No wonder he can make the most delicious Japanese cuisine for Tainan's diners.

The student team instructor Prof. Lu=Ping Zheng said that the students all took time out of their regular work and schoolwork to complete the creative ideas, thematic planning, project and script writing, field adjustments, shooting and post-production editing. Every student was very enthusiastic about it. At the same time, they also came to realize that establishing and operating a self-media is not an unattainable dream. As long as one is willing to try, he or she can become an excellent YouTuber. Bing-Zhang Chen from the Department of Information and Communication of STUST said that the department is constantly seeking new and changing. In addition to the original basic courses such as news, film and television, marketing and public relations, and multimedia design, it has also added many new media-related courses and virtual Internet celebrity training. He hopes that the students will have the opportunity to be creative or to operate self-media after entering the traditional communication field in the future, so that they will have a broader road in the future.

The three programs produced by the Department of Information and Communication are expected to be broadcast on the Channel 3 public channel of the Triple Crown/Gemini Cable TV affiliated to Zhongjia Group at 21:00 on January 1, 2022. People in Tainan can turn on the TV at that time to let the humor and vitality of young people be their company in celebration of the New Year's Day.