STUST won the 2020 "Creative Writing Award for Writing by Numbers" Competition for Colleges and Universities by with two golds, one silver, and two bronzes.

the 2020 "Creative Writing Award for Writing by Numbers" Competition for Colleges and Universities sponsored by Chinyi University of Science and Technology was grandly presented at Chinyi University of Science and Technology recently. The STUST team won two outstanding work awards, one great work award" and two excellent work awards in the prose category and the new poetry category in the Technical College group. Kai-Min Lu from the Department of International Business participated in the contest with his work "Beloved Mark Laurin" and Pin-Rong Chen with her new poem "Gothel's Manifesto."


[Student Kai-Min Lu of STUST received the award at the 2020 "Creation Award for Writing by Numbers" Competition of Colleges and Universities.]

The list of winners of this year was announced in April. Participants actively submitted their papers. The Technical College group received nearly 600 entries. The award ceremony, which was interrupted by the global new coronavirus pandemic, was successfully held a few days ago. The award ceremony of the "Creation Award for Writing by Numbers" Competition, a specially planned physical meeting combined with an online Google Meet meeting, was held simultaneously. Teachers and students from all over the country (including online participation) shared their experience of combining rational mathematics with perceptual texts. Through creating various literary works related to mathematics, the competition promoted the reading of extracurricular books and exploring of mathematics knowledge. In the process of transforming them into literary works, the competition stimulated participants’ interest in mathematics and creative associations.


[Kai-Min Lu from STUST shared his experience at the 2020 "Creative Writing Award for Writing by Numbers" for Colleges and Universities.]

Kai-Min Lu’s work "Beloved Mark Laurin" tells the story of his family’s flower shop adapting to the changes of the times. From the perfectly structured Mark Laurin sequence, the author not only learns the spirit of controlling complexity by simplicity, but also resets the core value of the thought "Localization is equivalent to internationalization." “Humanity is the core”—this is the ultimate way to treat his customers. Bai-Jun Wang shared his experience of learning triploid through "The Secret of Triploid.," The painstaking and interesting process of his getting inspired impressed the audience and made everyone smile.

Pin-Rong Chen’s new poem "The Manifesto of Gothel" was the best prose. Through the association of the four seasons and a passionate atmosphere, she addressed the issue of Gothel's integer division. Yun-Ting Lui’s new poem "The Last Invisible Body" was awarded with special honor in prose. With the coordinate system between the points, she vividly and sharply explained the intimacy established in between. Zi-Yin Gao's "Secret Love for Twin Prime Numbers" skillfully combines prime numbers with a longing for love.

Their Instructor, Prof. Yi-Jing Peng indicated that the students of STUST have amazing associations and are very suitable for interdisciplinary art learning. As early as 2018, they also won golds in prose and new poetry, and their literary writing ability should not be underestimated. Hsiong-Chuang Chiu, Director of the General Studies Center, said that the essence of mathematics is to concisely and concisely improve the meaning of life. Using mathematical concepts as metaphors can attain significance of educational aspects as well as the beauty of literary narratives.