STUST won the National Defense Education Outstanding Contribution Award for 2022 and was the only university in the country to win!

The National Defense Education Outstanding Contribution Award of the Ministry of National Defense held an award ceremony at the Ministry of National Defense on the first day of September. STUST was awarded the National Defense Education Outstanding Contribution Award, following its winning of the same award in 2013 and 2014. STUST was also the only university in the country to win the award. The award was personally commended by President Ing-wen Tsai to President Deng-maw Lu of STUST. This honor fully demonstrates the fruitful achievements of STUST in promoting national defense education in recent years.


【STUST won the National Defense Education Outstanding Contribution Award for 2022, and was the only university in the country to win.】

National defense is the core force for protecting the homeland. The Ministry of National Defense organized National Defense Education Outstanding Contribution Award to show its recognition for groups and individuals who are committed to promoting national defense education, hoping that winners can be a role model for the public and further enhance people awareness of national defense. Particularly at a time of tension across the Taiwan Strait, the award has helped highlight the importance of national defense education.

STUST has spared no effort in the promotion of national defense education, encouraging young students to go outdoors and develop good exercise habits. In 2019, STUST organized a “Kukuan Mountain Experiencing Camp” to help students experience various field survival training, such as anti-terrorist simulations, assault on suspension bridges, cliff climbing, and rappelling rope descent. All these also helped students experience teamwork and risk-taking. In addition, STUTS went to the Penghu Defense Command in 2011 to hold a youthful combat camp—Penghu Sea Dragon and Frog Soldiers Challenge Camp. In the camp experiencing at night, students were given the chance to experience marine fighting exercises, rubber boat exercises, camouflage training, and grappling techniques, etc., by which students came to better understand the tasks of military combat training, so as to enhance their national defense knowledge and national defense awareness as well as improve our national defense development and national security.

In addition, on October 22, 2011, STUST held the first shooting competition--"Aiming at the Future and Breaking Obstacles--among colleges and universities in the Jianan District of the Ministry of Education at the Liuying Sports Range in Tainan. The Eighth Army Corps, the Aviation Special Warfare Headquarters, and the Tainan Shooting Association jointly organized the event, offering to display the Chinese-made "Four-wheel Drive Assault Vehicle" and "National Army Talent Recruitment Briefing", so that students could closely study the modern equipment samples of the National Army. It was hoped that students would experience the shocking power of the recoil and sound of guns in real guns and live ammunition, and would deeply understand the tension and pressure of being in the battlefield, so that they could learn to respect the hard-working national officers and soldiers, develop their national defense awareness, and strengthen the patriotism deep in their minds.

Deng-maw Lu, President of STUST, said that STUST has entered the 12th year since it was approved by the Ministry of Education to set up the Campus Safety Maintenance and National Defense Education Resource Center in Jianan District in 1999, providing software and hardware facilities in the school. Even with full cooperation, it was not easy to complete the implementation of campus security maintenance, national defense education, and the Chunhui project on schedule. President Lu also expressed his gratitude to the efforts of the school colleagues, and encouraged all the colleagues to continue their great enthusiasm for service and contribute to education. He hoped that the school would have more outstanding performance in the future.