STUST held the 2022 Freshman Pilot Camp to welcome freshmen

In order to welcome the arrival of freshmen, STUST recently held the 2022 Freshman Pilot Camp at the Rainy Day Stadium. A total of more than 3,000 teachers and students participated in this event, and the seniors and sisters of the school's departments served as counselors, who led the freshmen to various activities organized by their departments, societies, and clubs. In the activities, the traditional spirit of "Faithfulness and Honesty" of STUST was passed on to the new comers in a warm and friendly way. The diversified, fulfilling freshman pilot activities came to its full play helping the new students become fully integrated into the campus life of STUST.


【President Deng-maw Lu of STUST joined the 2022 Freshman Pilot Camp and had fun with all the freshman students.】

This activity, under the careful planning of the various groups of the STUST Office, developed a series of exciting and diverse activities. In addition to the "health check" of the health care team, this year the extracurricular activities team also prepared a "community carnival," a "special activity exposition," and the most popular "welcome concert" for students, so that the new students could participate with delighted hearts in various school activities and club activities, opening a new page of wonderful university life.


【Deng-maw Lu, President of STUST, was performing in the 2022 Welcome Concert.】

In the series of activities, the highlight of the first day was the "Club Carnival." Nearly 100 clubs of STUST came to recruit new students to join them. In order to show the characteristics of their clubs and the results of their usual training, each club prepared wonderful performances to attract participants to the "Club Carnival." Students who participated in the activity joined the club and took this opportunity to show their enthusiasm, self-confidence, and teamwork spirit of the young students of STUST.


【STUST invited Singer Jie-ming Li to participate in the performance of the 2022 Welcome Concert.】

The opening event on the second day was the first “Featured Department Activity Expo,” held by STUST since its establishment. The event was organized by all departments of the university to show the main features of their departments, so that freshmen could identify with their departments and quickly become integrated into the campus life and activities of the department.


【The performance of singers Jie-ming Li and Shin-yue Chen at the 2022 Welcome Concert of STUST】

The finale event was the long-awaited "Welcome Concert" for students. This concert was planned and executed with the assistance of the Department of Pop Music Industry of STUST. In addition to the opening performance of the student bands from the Department of Pop Music Industry, there were invited singers and bands, including Shin-yue Chen, Jie-ming Li, 99, Yan-wei Wang, Trash Band, and other favorite artists voted by the students. To their performances, the students responded enthusiastically and the atmosphere was high and hot! Deng-maw Lu, President of STUST, also sang aloud under the enthusiasm of the students. In addition to singing the most popular pop music of young students--"Familiar with Love"--he also sang "Having a Head without a Tail." In his opening speech at the concert, President Lu especially encouraged students to make good use of their time in university. In addition to studying hard, they should also learn to know how to develop good habits of exercise and reading, so that their university life will be brimmed with knowledge and joy.


【STUST invited Trash Orchestra to participate in the performance of the 2022 Welcome Concert.】

Deng-maw Lu, President of STUST, said that the 2022 Freshman Pilot Camp of STUST was mainly meant to guide freshman students to know STUST and identify with the big family of STUST. It is necessary, as President Lu emphasized, to take into account various requirements such as pandemic prevention and environmental protection. He also hoped that through the pilot camp, students could understand STUST's school motto of "Faithfulness, Righteousness, Honesty, and Truthfulness,” cultivate a positive attitude and a sense of responsibility, and become great, outstanding student of STUST.


【A group photo of the enthusiastic students participating in the 2022 Welcome Concert at STUST】