The 16th Digital Signal Processing Creative Design Competition held its closing and awards ceremony.

The 16th Digital Signal Processing Creative Design Competition was held recently at STUST. The president of STUST Deng-Maw Lu, leading the dean of the College of Engineering Zhen-Chian Wang and other school supervisors, invited the National Cheng Kung University Chair Professor Zong-Shian Wu, Distinguished Professor Yong-Nian Sun, and Distinguished Professor Zu-Sheng Li, Distinguished Professor Shi-Jie Huang, Distinguished Professor Pei-Yin Chen (who is also the Associate Dean of the College of Electronic Resources), Professor Guo-Kai Shu of National Central University, Distinguished Professor Ching-Chi Tsai (who is also the Director of Research and Development of Chung Hsing University), Professor Hui-Yong Lin of Chung Cheng University, and other academic experts; Deputy Manager Zhi-Yang Chen of Delta Electronics, Microchip Taiwan Branch Manager Ren-Jie He, Chief Engineer Zheng-Dao Li, Application Engineer Yu-Tsai Chu, Director Shi-Zheng Shue of Innolux Technology, Director Hong-Sheng Chen of Taiwan Embedded and Single Chip System Development Association, Director Zhi-Hao Lu of IOT Cloud Co., Ltd., Deputy General Manager Zhong-Ling Zeng of Huanqun Technology Co., Ltd., General Manager Wen-Long Liu of Jianjia Technology Co., Ltd., and a number of other industry representatives attended the grand meeting.


【Deng-Maw Lu, President of STUST, presented certificates of appreciation to the three sponsors】

This competition has become an annual event for domestic technical colleges. Under the careful planning of STUST, its scale is expanding day by day. The awards are given by the Ministry of Education, making the competition a very representative competition in Taiwan, which has been highly valued by the domestic industry and academia.


【President Deng-Maw Lu of STUST presented the Software and Embedded Platform Application Group Award.】

This competition was divided into "Software and Embedded Platform Application Group," "Green Energy and Control Application Group," "Health Care Application Group," "TEMI Internet of Things Application Group," "Microchip Digital Signal Processor Application Group," and "Artificial Intelligence Digital Signal Processing Application Group." There were a total of 495 teachers and students from 16 colleges and universities, with 165 teams and 495 students signed up for the preliminary contest. After passing the preliminary rounds, 16 schools and 107 outstanding teams participated in the finals (software and embedded platform application group: 28 teams; green energy and control application group: 18 teams; health care application group: 17 teams; TEMI Networking application group: 20 teams; Microchip digital signal processor application group: 13 teams; artificial intelligence digital signal processing application group: 11 teams), with about 321 people.


【Deng-Maw Lu, President of STUST, was presenting scholarships to teams going abroad】

In this event, another internationally renowned single chip manufacturer Microchip Taiwan Branch, Taiwan Embedded and Single Chip System Development Association, and Jianjia Technology Co., Ltd. respectively sponsored bonuses to the "Microchip Digital Signal Processor Application Group" and "TEMI Internet of Things." The top three teams in the "Application Group" and "Artificial Intelligence Digital Signal Processing Application Group." In addition, the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology’s “5G Telecommunication Base Station Energy Storage System Design” team, which was selected to participate in the international competition in this competition, would subsidize two participants’ air tickets abroad for NT$ 60,000 and living expenses of NT$ 40,000 to encourage them to strive for more outstanding performance and excellent results in international competitions.


【A group photo of the participants in the 16th Digital Signal Processing Creative Design Competition.】


【The winner List of the 16th Digital Signal Processing Creative Design Competition】