The Bound for Angouleme Hackathon Comics Workshop, as part of the 2020 Manga Stars Industry Talent Cultivation Program, sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and organized by the Department of Multimedia and Entertainment Science
A student of the Department of Applied Japanese, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, achieved great results in the Japanese Natsume Soseki Haiku Contest, standing out from many native Japanese contestants and becoming the only foreign contestant to win a prize.
The 20th Lite-On Innovation Award Competition, the world’s largest innovative design competition, was organized by Lite-On Technology and held at the Lite-On Building a few days ago. This competition explored the world of light, electricity, energy saving, and smart technology, trying to solve the most important issues of the earth with creativity.
The award ceremony of the second Smart Networking Special Practice Competition, directed by the Ministry of Education and organized by Yunlin University of Science and Technology, was held at the Evergreen Laurel Hotel in Taichung a few days ago
Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology undertook the "Senior Care Workers' Dietary Nutrition Training Program" by Health Bureau of the Tainan City Government. In the first and third weeks of August, the two-day senior care personnel's dietary nutrition training program was held. All levels of senior care personnel who take care of the elderly comprehensively improved their knowledge for practical ability and jointly enhanced their nutritional care capabilities.
The 2020 joint annual meeting of the Chinese Society of Engineers and Specialized Engineering Societies recently held the "Meet the 5G New Era and Create a New Life in AI" activity at Chunghwa Telecom. Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology won the award of ”Excellent Institution of Industry-University Cooperation” for the 9th consecutive year.