The 2018 "Fresh Catching Contest" was held at the 3F International Conference Center of the National Taiwan University Hospital. The Internet of Things Laboratory of the Electronic Engineering Department of the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology won the third prize in the 2018 Pre-emptive Competition and won the Best Popularity Award. Two awards, adding new achievements.
Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology hosted the "2018 SOLIDWORKS Design God Man Competition".
In response to the advent of Industry 4.0, the government put forward the 5+2 policy to pay attention to smart machinery, and is committed to deepening intelligent automation technology.
The Hanguang Foundation Consortium held the award ceremony for the "2018 Shadow POEM Classic MV Re-creation Competition" in Taipei. The Hanguang Education Foundation is committed to promoting cultural creativity,
In order to encourage teachers and students to engage in micro-computer hardware design, cultivate their practical design and application capabilities, enhance their interest in learning,
The User Experience Professional Association (UXPA) recently held the 10th User Experience Design Award Competition (UXDA) in Shanghai Grand. Assistant Professor Kun Ouyang from the Department of Innovative Product Design,