2018/6/16 Announcement of Graduation Ceremony

日期範圍:2018/5/24 ~ 2018/6/16
日期範圍:2018/5/24 ~ 2018/6/16
英文 一般公告

Dear graduate students, we have Lisubai Band as our special invitation guest this year on opening ceremony and singing competition talented finalist to give us some performance. Apart from that, several cute mascots from different department will also show up on that day. Please feel free to join this activity to have a memorable graduation ceremony with your friends and family together.

Date: 2018/6/16 (Saturday)
Time: 17:00~18:40
Venue: Playground in front of Dormitory 6

Please don’t park your vehicles around building G, building H and the roadside along building F on the day of graduation ceremony. (2018/6/15)Friday (2018/6/16) Saturday. The graduation ceremony will be held on the field in front of Dormitory 6 and we very appreciate on your cooperation. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Please contact Extracurricular Activity Division (L101) or your class graduation representatives if you have any question.