Blood Donation Notice on 5/6/2018,7/6/2018

日期範圍:2018/5/31 ~ 2018/6/15
日期範圍:2018/5/31 ~ 2018/6/15
英文 一般公告

Blood Donation is the greatest donation and a noble step in the service of humanity. A simple thing can have a big impact. By giving a little of your time, your blood donation can save one life. There are 1505 students and professors responded to blood donation in the year 2017 and we have recruited 1868 blood sack. Following this, the Ministry of Education has awarded the "Blood Donation School" award to our university (STUST) for 10 consecutive years.
Time: 10am~5pm(2018/6/5) , 10am~5pm(2018/6/7)
Location: The roadside along Building T& Building N and
Blood Donation Bus beside Dorm6
Award: Volunteer who donate 250cc blood will receive a commendation 1 time and donors who donate 500cc blood will receive commendation twice.

Friendly reminder: Remember to have your breakfast or lunch before donating blood.