Please check your student online leave system frequently.

日期範圍:2018/5/31 ~ 2018/6/15
日期範圍:2018/5/31 ~ 2018/6/15
英文 一般公告

Dear students:
Please check the (records of behavior) & (absence) in your online leave system frequently once you absent for class as absent for 1 section will be deducting 1 mark. If there is absenteeism, please follow the rules & instructions below:
1) Please apply for a leave within 10 days from the date of absence. All the procedures could be check at the (Query) in the online leave system. (Marks will not be deducted once you have completed the leave within 10 days)
2) (Overdue Leave) Students who absence more than 10 days (count from day 1 within 30 days) Please print out your leave and run the process personally after the review by group auditors. (Students who completed the leave process will be deducted 0.2 mark for every section)
3) Please use (Absence Correction) which is in (Absence) in the online leave system to correct it if you have go to class but mistakenly marked absent by professors.
4) Due to the incompletion of week retraction in (1st,2nd week) , the class is recorded as absent or not shown, please refer to Office of Student Affairs (Health and Assistance section)within the specified time and fill in the form to correct absenteeism.
5) No class is required to attend once you had dropped your course only after (week 13). Remember to apply for a leave when you don’t have class and (absence correction) system is not available.
6) Please go to (Query) to check whether your information has been submitted after you applied for a leave.