Health Education For Faculty COVID-19!

日期範圍:2020/3/2 ~ 2020/4/2
日期範圍:2020/3/2 ~ 2020/4/2

Dear Faculty Members,
Due to serious COVID-19 that we are experiencing now, please inform your students with the following information:
I. Reminders during classes
1. Please keep windows and doors open during the class for air circulation
2. Please wear mask during the class if you have any respiratory symptoms
3. Use alcohol to disinfect public equipment such as microphone etc.
4. Refrain from close encounter discussions
5. If your student has any symptoms such as cough, running nose etc. please remind them to put on face mask. Used tissues should be thrown away personally and remind everyone to fervently wash their hands.

II. Personal precautions against infection
1. Hands
A. Wash hands frequently. You should wash your hands with soap or alcohol based hand sanitizer.
B. Please wash hands immediately after coughing, sneezing and using restroom.
C. Please do not chat in the elevator. Do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth after you touch the elevator buttons.
2. Respiratory hygiene and cough courtesy
A. Please use masks, tissue or napkins to cover your mouth and nose when cough or sneeze.
B. Please wear face masks to school if you have respiratory issues such as coughing or running nose
3. Implement the principle of "No work and No class” when sick
A. Please do not attend class and work if you are sick or feel uncomfortable. Please avoid going to public place if you have respiratory symptoms, fever and other symptoms.
B. For contacts of confirmed cases (including students and faculty members) identified by the health department, they need to stay at home for 14 days, and must stay at home (or place of residence). Do not go to work, school (classes) and abroad.
4. Avoid contact with possible sources of infection
A. Please avoid going to crowded and public place
B. Please do not touch animal and birds; please do not eat raw meat and eggs.
5. Personal environment hygiene
A. Please keep windows and doors open
B. Please clean and sanitize your personal items such as computer, screen, phones, desks, etc.

III. Temperature Measurement Stations
1. Starting from March 2, all faculty members, staff and students are required to measure your body temperature once a day. the school will set several forehead temperature measurement points.
2. Before entering the classroom, please go to one of the temperature-taking points. After passing the forehead temperature measurement, teachers and students will be provided with stickers. Only then can they enter the classrooms. Without passing the temperature-taking, the teachers/students are NOT allowed to enter the classrooms.
3. Please visit designated temperature measuring stations (shown in the chart below) to measure your body temperature. Students living in the dormitories can have your temperature measured in the lobby.