STUST held a handover ceremony for the fifth president Cheng-wen Wu to lead STUST to stride forward and create a new vision《2023/2/1》

STUST held a handover ceremony for the new president on the first day of February. Under the supervision of Chairman Hsin-shiong Chang of STUST, the outgoing president Deng-maw Lu handed over the seal to the new president Cheng-wen Wu, which symbolizes that President Cheng-wen Wu will officially lead STUST in the future. The staff and students of STUST will continue to stride forward and work hard for the shared vision and ideal.


【STUST held the handover ceremony for the new president.】

President Tsai Ing-wen and Vice President Lai Ching-de sent congratulatory messages to the handover ceremony of the new president of STUST. Director Chi-shian Luo, Supervisor Shu-min Wu, Chairman Huang Jin-fa of the Alumni Association, industry, government, academic research and media, and more than 300 distinguished guests were invited from inside and outside the university to attend the ceremony, along with talented alumni from all walks of life.


【Chairman Hsin-shiong Chang of STUST was delivering a speech at the meeting.】

In his speech, Hsin-shiong Chang, chairman of STUST, expressed his gratitude to the outgoing President Lu for his efforts during his tenure, congratulated Dr. Wu on his appointment as the president of STUST, and showed his expectation that the new president will have more outstanding performances in production, education and research, leading the whole school staff and students of STUST to a higher peak.


【STUST President Cheng-wen Wu was delivering a speech at the meeting.】

In his speech, the new president Cheng-wen Wu expressed his gratitude to the board of directors and the election committee for giving him the opportunity to work together with the faculty, staff, and students of STUST to look forward to the future. The support of senior friends in the world and distinguished guests from all walks of life. In the future, STUST will continue to move forward on the basis of the tradition of paying equal attention to science and practice, with teachers and students working together, leading the school to strengthened industry-university cooperation and local connections and better cooperation between teachers and students in STUST and local enterprises, universities, and research institutions to establish closer cooperation for complementary and common prosperity. STUST will continue to strengthen industrial technology research and development and international connections, and enhance cooperation with internationally renowned companies in Taiwan, in the fields of artificial intelligence, semiconductor applications, automotive power electronics, green energy electronics, high-frequency communication systems and applications, and other fields that are in high demand for talents. Moreover, STUST will work together with sister schools to establish a fast track for talent cultivation of technical bachelors, industrial masters and engineering doctors for the industry, including domestic and international students. In strengthening industrial practice teaching and practical connection, STUTS will continue to promote teaching methods for interactive and cooperative exploration, develop integrated practical courses and interdisciplinary learning system, and improve the practical environment and teaching space. In terms of strengthening environmental sustainability education and social connection, STUST will seek sustainable development on the platform of talent cultivation from the three levels of environmental protection (E), social responsibility (S), and corporate governance (G), cultivate talents who can assist the sustainable development of industry and society.


【Professor Deng-maw Lu, the outgoing president of STUST, was delivering a speech at the meeting.】

President Cheng-wen Wu of STUST further pointed out that STUST has had the honor to witness the development and progress of Tainan City at close range over the past, hoping that the teachers, students, and alumni of STUST can seize the opportunity of the further transformation of the ancient capital of Tainan and actively participate in the work of industrial transformation and upgrading urban development, jointly contributing to the sustainable prosperity of society. He also hopes that STUST will become the pride of Tainan City, a model for the Ministry of Education to promote technical and vocational education, and a solid backing for Taiwanese enterprises, making Taiwan known internationally.


【Honorary Chairman of Boyo Social Welfare Foundation was delivering a speech at the meeting.】


【Min-chiu Wu, Chairman of Macronix Electronics Co., Ltd., was delivering a speech at the meeting.】


【A group photo of STUST handover ceremony for the new president: (from left to right) STUST Supervisor Shu-min Wu, Chairman Jia-tong Li of Boyo Social Welfare Foundation Honorary, STUST President Cheng-wen Wu, Chairman Hsin-shiong Chang, outgoing president Professor Deng-maw Lu, Chairman Min-chiu Wu of Macronix Electronics Co., Ltd., and Director Chi-shian Luo of the Board of Directors of STUST.】