Prime Minister Jian-ren Chen visited the H2 Entrepreneurial Family Dream Dormitory of STUST《2023/3/5》

Prime Minister Jian-ren Chen, Deputy Minister Meng-chi Liu of the Ministry of Education, Mayor Wei-zhe Huang of Tainan City, and other government officials visited STUST on the 5th of March to listen to the briefing and understand the improvement of the H2 Entrepreneurial Family Dream Dormitory.


【Prime Minister Jian-ren Chen visited the H2 Entrepreneurial Family Dream Dormitory of STUST.】

Prime Minister Jian-ren Chen said in his speech that STUST is full of vigor and vigor. He once visited STUST in 2019 during the anniversary celebration of STUST. It was touching to see the continuous improvement of STUST. The talent of STUST has the characteristics of innovation and entrepreneurship that are what the business world likes. In recent years, schools at all levels have been impacted by the phenomenon of declining birthrates, and STUST still ranks second in terms of enrollment, providing families in southern Taiwan with an infinitely beautiful and good base for pursuing their ideals. Prime Minister Jian-ren Chen also encouraged people citing the examples of teacher-student co-creation in Reflection on Cambridge written by Mr. Zhi-fan Chen and those about young people from Microsoft and Google launching their start-ups in the United States, hoping that young people can trust each other and work together. Prime Minister Chen further stated that education is an opportunity for disadvantaged groups to stand up. The government and schools should work together to enable students to realize their dreams, making the society more stable and the country stronger. He also hoped that STUST would work together with other universities in South Taiwan, bringing young people vision and hope for the future.


【Prime Minister Jian-ren Chen was visiting the H2 Entrepreneurial Family Dream Dormitory of STUST.】

STUST has spent 25.97 million NTD to upgrade the H2 Entrepreneurial Family Dream Dormitory in response to the Ministry of Education’s college dormitory improvement plan, enhancing space quality and strengthening the functions of public space. Of the completed H2 Entrepreneurial Family Dream Dormitory, the first floor is planned to encompass a public living room, discussion room, a light food cooking area, and a creative area; the second and third floors are dormitory areas; and the outer wall of the dormitory corridor is a space for students to create, to display, and to create a lively, relaxed, family-like space. The student dormitory activity space is filled with the atmosphere and characteristics of entrepreneurial groups.


【President Cheng-wen Wu of STUST was delivering a speech at the event.】

The dormitory was originally the Innovation and Incubation Center of STUST. Thanks to the cooperation with the Ministry of Culture-which operates the Tainan Cultural and Creative Industry Park near Tainan Railway Station-together with Southern Taiwan Industrial Park Incubation Center and the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Division of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the manufacturers of the original on-campus incubation center have been counseled to settle in the two location mentioned above, so that the original site is gradually released. In order to revitalize the school space and increase the supply of dormitory beds, STUST plans to convert the H2 building of the school into a student dormitory (with 120 beds). This space plan is used not only as a student dormitory but also a multi-functional open space, providing the management of school-wide teacher-student activities and the use of performance space, with the expectation that students will develop their


【Mayor Wei-zhe Huang of Tainan City was delivering a speech at the event.】

President Cheng-wen Wu of STUST expressed his gratitude to Prime Minister and other officials at all levels for their visit to the school, and he pointed out that the interior renovation project of H2 Entrepreneurial Family Dream Dormitory is to upgrade the basic facilities and public space as required by the Ministry of Education's. With the support of the Overall Improvement Plan for High-Quality Public Space to Improve the Quality of Accommodation and Life, STUST hoped that environmental resources and the entrepreneurial community can coexist in the field-learning model, export entrepreneurial energy, learn from entrepreneurs forums, use the multi-functional social field for entrepreneurs for students to form a peer-to-peer learning in group education, cultivate capabilities of self-development, and lay the foundation for the development of technical and vocational education.


【President Cheng-wen Wu of STUST, Mayor Wei-zhe Huang of Tainan City, Legislater Yi-jin Lin accompanied Prime Minister Jian-ren Chen to the H2 Entrepreneurial Family Dream Dormitory.】


【President Cheng-wen Wu of STUST and Mayor Wei-zhe Huang of Tainan City was introducing the development of STUST.】


【Director Cong-yuan Guo of STUST Research and Development (left) was explaining the research and development results to President Cheng-wen Wu (right).】