Overseas interns from STUST participated in the road traffic improvement proposal of West Exit Plaza in Mie Perfecture, Japan, which was favored and attracted the attention of Japanese news media《2023/3/6》

Shi-yu Chu, Tsai-shuan Lin, and Guan-hua Chen, three graduates from the Department of Creative Product Design, STUST, set off for a two-month design internship at the RF Yamakawa head office in Mie Prefecture, Japan at the beginning of this year. Under the careful planning of President Yamakawa, they faced the first design project during the internship—a great challenge of a practical design project—planning the road traffic improvement proposal for West Exit Plaza of Tsu Station in Mie Prefecture, Japan. Under the leadership of President Yamakawa, the design team recently presented the road traffic improvement proposal for West Exit Plaza to the mayor and the city government team at the City Government, which was highly affirmed by the city government team. This improvement plan was much favored and attracted the attention of Japanese news media. Chunichi Shinbun and Mie Times openly praised the design team from STUST in Taiwan.


【The student design team of STUST took a group photo with Mayor of Tsu City in Mie (1st from left) and President Yamakawa (1st from right) after the presentation. 】

In the letter of thanks to President Yamakawa, the Municipal Government of Tsu City stated that the design and presentation prepared by the interns of STUST deeply moved the municipal government team. Although it could be seen that the students were a little nervous because they were not familiar with Japanese, they could still complete the presentation calmly, which deserved great admiration. At the same time, the design proposal put forward by the interns was also considered a concept that deserved continuous promotion. After the meeting, a member of the company’s board of directors who was present also pointed out that the positive and learning attitude of Taiwanese students had brought a positive impact on introverted Japanese students. He expected that the younger generations of Japan to model after the Taiwanese students; otherwise, they might be falling behind in global competitions.


【Japanese reporter (1st from left) interviewed Shi-yu Chu (2nd from left), Tsai-shuan Lin (2nd from right), and Guan-hua Chen (1st from right), who are graduates of the Department of Creative Product Design, STUST. 】

Shi-yu Chu, one member of the student team from STUST, said on behalf of the intern team that their met a lot of difficulties partly because she did not have the opportunity to come into contact with urban planning and design projects during her studies and partly because she also learned that Japanese traffic is completely different from that in Taiwan during their first site survey. Yet, the team designed it under the guidance of President Yamakawa, they finished the project design in just 10 days, developing it from conducting the survey, doing the research, to offering the design proposal. They slowly clarified the problems, put them into design and planning, and presented it to the mayor and the city government team. It was a great honor and valuable experience to the team.


【President Yamakawa was introducing the student design team of STUST.】

In order to educate young people, President Yamakawa spared no effort in cultivating the new comers in design. As he said, he had already had a very good impression on the students of STUST when he was invited to the Department of Creative Product Design to hold a short-term teaching workshop in 2019. As he was further impressed by the perseverance and performance of these three students in their work, he gave greater praises to the students of STUST.


【 The Japanese media Chunichi Shimbun reported on the STUST proposal.】

The host of the program, Prof. Yu-ming Chang, explained that the three students had been selected for the Oversea Dream Learning Program by the Ministry of Education as early as 2019. However, due to the outbreak of the pandemic in Japan, they had been unable to go abroad for internships. After a long wait, they were finally able to go abroad this year, and even if they were unable to receive subsidies from the Ministry of Education because they had graduated, they still insisted on realizing their dreams of going abroad for internships.


【Japanese media Mie Times reported on STUST's proposal.】

President Wu of STUST also said that the Oversea Dream Learning Program by the Ministry of Education has been promoting students to go abroad for internships for many years. In addition to improving practical skills, they also have the opportunity to understand the international world. This time, the students were able to perform so brilliantly in an unfamiliar environment, showing the education strategy for the young talent of STUST. At the same time, the program takes into account the talent cultivation in applied general education and professional and technical development, so that students can show performances of a higher level.